The idea for this blog came out of the creation of a Blended Learning initiative for the institution where I am currently working. The ability to share great resources, receive feedback, use appropriate tools to communicate and generally build a knowledge base is the objective. And, together with a group of amazing instructors, we will spread the energy and information to others. Collaboration is a powerful tool!

Who I am:

An educator, online advocate, community supporter, board member, daughter, sister, friend. One of the most difficult things for me is describing who I am. And yet, I find knowing about other bloggers most interesting! So, I will try to share a little background.

How I got here:

My career in education began as a high school math instructor and subsequently moved to instructional technology and administration, and now e-learning. While working for a local district, I had the opportunity to work in a special project funded by the National Science Foundation using technology to teach the four core academic areas: English, History, Science and Math. During that time I discovery I was “good at technology!”

A few highlights of my career as an educator include: helping create and subsequently manage a county-wide professional development center for educators focusing on technology and learning, working remotely and managing a team of instructional designers for a for-profit education company, working as a consultant to K-12 school districts to assess their current technology practices, and now creating and implementing an online and blended learning strategy for a career technology school district.

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